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Åtta drömmar / Eight dreams

Landscape model and texts

156 x 108 x 45 cm



Throughout my life I have had dreams where the setting, no matter of the content of the dream, has been my familys summer house and the environment around it. Some of those dreams have got stuck in my memory. Those dreams, written down for the first time, is one part of the piece. The other part is a landscape model made from memory of the environment. Each dream has a colour code that corresponds with a pin on the model that shows the exact location for the dream..


Example of texts:

Me and dad are sitting in the sofa looking out through the veranda door. It is windy and rainy outside and the shoreline is rising by every wave. Soon the water has reached all the way up to the house. But instead of hitting the wall, the waves disappear underneath the house and makes the floor swell

We are in a house in a national park. The house is placed just by the water. We are looking out through the windows in the veranda door towards the water, trying to locate some animals. After a while we see air bubbles on the surface approaching the shore. It turns out to be a very small hippo. After it comes another one. Suddenly a jaguar comes up from the water and attacks our door which luckily is closed. A bit scared we watch the furious animal attacking the door again and again. Then a park guide comes walking. Carefully she approaches the jaguar which does not seem to care about her. The guide opens up the door a bit to let us come closer to the animal. She thinks she will be able to keep the jaguar away from us with a stick she is holding in her hand. But the jaguar is to strong for her strikes with the stick and it is on its way to come in to the house. After a minute of rumble the guide is able to close the door and we can hear the fight continue outside. When things have calmed down and it is silent outside we open the door carefully to see what have happened. The jaguar is gone but underneath the surface the guide lies dead.