Messages to a friend
Installation with three sculptures. Shown att Natalia Goldin Gallery, Stockholm

The narrator of Messages to a Friend is on a journey. From the places visited he has sent three short messages to a dear friend. The messages are presented on, or in conjunction with the three sculptures in the installation. The sculptures describe the places or environments the narrator has visited: Patagonia, La Silla and The Mines.

The theme of Messages to a Friend can be seen as continued from the installation Reach Out and Touch Faith (2003) The installation consist of a desk, covered with photographs and drawings. From the desk rose a high and fragile construction of staircases and bridges. Its twisting around the desk and rise all the way to the ceiling.

The narrative in both installations have a main character, who is not physically present but who’s thoughts and emotions permeate everything. In Reach Out and Touch Faith the spectator slowly becomes aware of his presence. The charactor seems to be fumbling at his desk, looking for answers in the images that cover it. At last he realizes that he must leave the desk, get out, move on.

Now two years have passed and there arrive three messages from remote places on Earth - Messages to a Friend. The messages can be read as straightforward depictions of the places or/and as a story of a very personal journey.




The Mines
La Silla
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